Heaven's Joy are:

Andrea Leonhardi

Vocals, Piano, Keyboard, 12- String, Saxophone, Harmonies

Chris Krämer

Drums, Harmonies

Urs Fuchs

Bass, Double Bass, Guitars, Keyboard, Percussion, Loops, Harmonies

special Guest:

Conor Turley



Piano, Harmonies

About the Band

Andrea Leonhardi always loved to sing and to write songs. She sings, plays piano, guitar, percussion, saxophone and is composer of many songs for various albums. 

She has played and sung in many bands and projects in France and Germany, and on various albums and together with Urs in the trio ‘Zebra Sommerwind’ (German Folk). Andrea sang and danced in the Varieté Da Capo (Germany), and with Urs composed the music for the Varieté Shows. 

Andrea currently plays with ‘Njoy Paradise’ and ‘Heaven´s Joy’ together with Urs & Chris, and Chris James (Australia). She leads the choir ‘The Gentle Voices Germany’ and offers sound groups, workshops and voice & expression coaching. 

She has run her own clinic for 25 years, and is a practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies.

Christian Krämer  is known as a drummer with extraordinary tenderness and strength. He has a diploma in drums and studied drums at the Drummers Institute in Germany. He has been teaching drums since 1992 and is founder and owner of the drum school “Drum-Coaching” in Leverkusen/Germany (www.chris-kraemer.com).

With his know-how of over 20 years of teaching drums, Christian teaches children and adults to find their own expression through their instrument, and their rhythm of life, by including bodywork and the Esoteric Healing modalities of Universal Medicine to the drum lessons. 

Chris has played in various bands and is currently together with Urs and Andrea (Heaven’s Joy, Njoy Paradise) and The Gentle Voices Germany. He plays concerts with Chris James (Australia) and  supports his workshops in Europe by playing drums and singing.

Urs Fuchs has worked as a musician for over 30 years on stage and in various studios, and has played on about 100 CD productions with artists worldwide including Farfarello, Ulla van Daelen, Sally Oldfield, Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Frida (ABBA), Clannad (Ireland), Nippy Noya, Wolfgang Niedecken / BAP, (Germany), Peter Krauss, Miller Anderson (Spencer Davis Group), Ian Melrose, Carrie Newcomer. Mario Argandona (Scorpions). He also played and composed songs in collaboration with Andrea Leonhardi, for the Varieté – Shows of Da Capo Germany. 

As multi instrumentalist, Urs plays guitar, bass, percussion, piano, sings and is owner of the “Joyfull Music-Studio” in Germany. He currently plays in several live bands and projects like Farfarello, Talking Water, with the Harp player Ulla van Daelen, Njoy Paradise,  Zebra

Sommerwind (German Folk), The Gentle Voices Germany, Chris James (Australia) and Heaven’s Joy. Urs teaches guitar, percussion and bass for children. He also plays, reads and sings with children the story of Pinocchio, in a puppet-theatre. Urs works as a practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies.

Musicians on Heaven's Joy CD - Love is who we are:

Heaven's Joy - Andrea Leonhardi, Chris Krämer, Urs Fuchs

Andrea Leonhardi

Vocals, Piano, 12-String-Guitar, Saxophone, Harmonies

Chris Krämer

Drums, Harmonies

Urs Fuchs

Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Harmonies

The Gentle Voices Germany

Choir and Harmonies on Track 13 (Commander of Light

feat. The Gentle Voices Germany)

Miike Keppler

Bass on Track 13